Ballistica Logo package

Submodules module

UI for browsing available co-op levels/games/etc.

class str | None = 'in_right', origin_widget: Widget | None = None)[source]

Bases: Window

Window for browsing co-op levels/games/etc.

is_tourney_data_up_to_date() bool[source]

Return whether our tourney data is up to date.

run_game(game: str) None[source]

Run the provided game.

run_tournament(tournament_button: TournamentButton) None[source]

Run the provided tournament game.

sel_change(row: str, game: str) None[source]

(internal) module

Defines button for co-op games.

class CoopBrowserWindow, parent: bui.Widget, game: str, x: float, y: float, select: bool, row: str)[source]

Bases: object

Button for entering co-op games.

get_button() Widget[source]

Return the underlying button bui.Widget. module

Bits of utility functionality related to co-op levels.

class Lstr, dep_name: Lstr)[source]

Bases: Window

Window showing that a level is locked. module

Defines button for co-op games.

class bui.Widget, x: float, y: float, select: bool, on_pressed: Callable[[TournamentButton], None])[source]

Bases: object

Button showing a tournament in coop window.

update_for_data(entry: dict[str, Any]) None[source]

Update for new incoming data.

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