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bauiv1lib.soundtrack package


bauiv1lib.soundtrack.browser module

Provides UI for browsing soundtracks.

class bauiv1lib.soundtrack.browser.SoundtrackBrowserWindow(transition: str = 'in_right', origin_widget: Widget | None = None)[source]

Bases: Window

Window for browsing soundtracks.

bauiv1lib.soundtrack.edit module

Provides UI for editing a soundtrack.

class bauiv1lib.soundtrack.edit.SoundtrackEditWindow(existing_soundtrack: str | dict[str, Any] | None, transition: str = 'in_right')[source]

Bases: Window

Window for editing a soundtrack.

bauiv1lib.soundtrack.entrytypeselect module

Provides UI for selecting soundtrack entry types.

class bauiv1lib.soundtrack.entrytypeselect.SoundtrackEntryTypeSelectWindow(callback: Callable[[Any], Any], current_entry: Any, selection_target_name: str, transition: str = 'in_right')[source]

Bases: Window

Window for selecting a soundtrack entry type.

bauiv1lib.soundtrack.macmusicapp module

UI functionality related to using the macOS Music app for soundtracks.

class bauiv1lib.soundtrack.macmusicapp.MacMusicAppPlaylistSelectWindow(callback: Callable[[Any], Any], existing_playlist: str | None, existing_entry: Any)[source]

Bases: Window

Window for selecting an iTunes playlist.

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